OLD-Blackglama International Trading Services

Nothing in the world exudes luxury the way fur does. Blackglama-labelled products combine superb quality with incomparable style and sophistication.

The production of the world’s finest dark mink is an art, and the skill of the North American mink rancher is evident in the magnificence of Blackglama mink. Blackglama mink is of such high quality that less than 2% of the world’s mink may earn the elite Blackglama label.

While many consumers associate Blackglama with the beauty of the garments bearing that label, Blackglama refers to the mink and not the designer or manufacturer.



Blackglama International Trading Services celebrates the legacy established by one of the oldest industries in North America. Sharing a heritage and purpose with farmers and harvesters from sea to sea to sea who offer the highest quality of ranched and wild furs to the discerning consumer, BITS is proud to continue this tradition in North America, the source of the world’s finest furs.

Blackglama International Trading Services is the sole owner and proud licensor of the prestigious BlackGLAMA label. Established in the early 1980’s by the GLMA association, the BlackGLAMA label famously marks only the highest quality of black mink. BITS is pleased to bring the renowned BlackGLAMA label home to North America and to support this legacy through its work in licensing the sale of the world’s best black mink through its exclusive relationship with American Mink Exchange (AME)

Blackglama International Trading Services honours the traditions of the past, and embraces the changing world. We seek to bring new relationships, techniques and technologies to our trade as we strive to represent and collaborate with our international suppliers and customers.

contact: BITS@blackglamainternational.ca